*Yoga, Barre and Fitness, BellyDance performance artist teacher and forever student.*

A devoted mother, wife and multifaceted human, Anna has been teaching Yoga and Belly Dance since 2011 after she found solace on many levels through these modalities. She is on a mission to continue to heal herself holistically and inspire others to do the same. Through being a Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT), Level 2 Certified in Sadie's Raqs Flow Belly Dance Program, Level 1 Certified Dance Therapeutics Program and trained to teach Barre and Fitness, she guides you to feel your best in safe, effective and practical ways that work for your lifestyle. She was voted one of the Top 5 Best Yoga Teachers in Denver 2017 on ClassPass, has taught Yoga at Sadie's Belly Dance retreats in Costa Rica and Colorado, and continues to learn all she can in this thing called life. Join her in person and/or online for nourishing classes that will help you be your best self!

Past Offerings

2017 Taught Yoga Journey at Belly Dance Retreat with Sadie in Jacó, Costa RIca

2015 Taught Yoga at Sadie's Colorado Raq n Rhythms Retreat

Taught Yoga Journey at Belly Dance Retreat with Sadie and Aziza in Jacó, Costa RIca 2016

2018 Guided Beach Yoga in Jacó, Costa Rica

Performed at GothProm 2015-2019

Performer at Repent 2014-Present